Monday, January 4, 2016

Hey there 2016!!

 Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I still can't believe we are into 2016! TIME FLIES. The hardest day of the year for us missionaries to work is January 1st! Everyone is sleeping! They celebrate New Year’s like nobody else! I love it! I went to bed New Year’s Eve thinking that the other sisters did too, but apparently they were too excited to sleep! I woke up at midnight to TONS of fireworks and horns blown in my face by Sister Culangan and Sister Lunar. Normally I would be mad, but I wasn't because they just wanted to celebrate the new year 2016, the year we will return home ;)

I am so happy to say that Sunny and Marita are still doing AMAZING! They are now in Omni in the Book of Mormon, and have been to church 4 times! They really feel the love and support from the ward and cannot wait to be baptized. They probably won't be baptized until after I have come home due to the long marriage process, but it's okay. I am so blessed to be a part of their journey to help and teach them!

Sister Lopez and I ended up getting lost in the Bukid this week. (Bukid-mountains, jungle, ect.) We went to a part of our area we had not yet been to, since our area is HUGE. Well first of all, this new place is called Billy Boy so that doesn't sound promising. But we continue on and start to talk to the people there. We are the first missionaries they had seen! We couldn't believe it! But they knew about Mormons because they said some "mormons" lived up the dirt road at the top of the mountain. So we thought maybe we have some less actives or members there we could find! We followed their directions and they probably laughed really hard when we were far away because it led us into the middle of nowhere. There were like 4 houses and they were not "mormons". But on the bright side I got to see a pineapple field and experience the bukid. But honestly I felt like we could be on a new TV show "Missionaries in the Wild" because if anyone would have seen us (mostly me) in the bukid, it would have been pure entertainment. The struggle was real and I will not go back. But that TV show could possibly be successful on Animal Planet ;)

Life here in the Philippines as a missionary is still the best :) Every day I get to see new miracles take place in the lives of the people or in myself. It can't get any better than that! I hope you all made New Year’s resolutions to motivate you throughout this New Year! Love you all! :)

Sister Wilde

I love when the members work with us! They were my companions yesterday :)
HaPpY nEw YeAr!!
New Year's feast! My companion is an amazing cook!
Tricycle rides with my favorite sisters!

Pineapple field!!
"Rooster Farm"

My area
This picture was taken before we were really lost!
This is our punted and lost in a the bukid face. Hahaha
Because when we saw PMG the first thing we thought of was Preach My Gospel. Haha we are missionaried talaga.

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